Happiness… defined


Happiness: the state of being happy.

Happiness to me has no specific definition. No parameters to limit what I believe it is or how it makes me feel. Happiness is what I want it to be.

I remember back when I was about 5.  My mother told me I used to line all my toys up perfectly and if anyone moved one… well let’s just say it wasn’t a pretty site. Ever since then, I’ve been extremely organized. Some may say even too organized. But I now realize that organization is one of those things that just makes me happy. It gives me that warm feeling inside, the feeling of utter bliss that only certain things in my life can bring me.

Since beginning my Bachelor’s of Science in Public Relations degree, my organizational skills have become top-notch. Folders of different colors, binders will all sorts of tabs, numerous planners (on both my phone and paper), bulletin boards…anything I can possibly use to keep my life and all its separate elements in order.

Now some people may see this as a crazy obsession, but to me, it’s a happiness generator.

One of my favorite blog posts made by the Huffington Post not too long ago outlines the habits and characteristics of ultra-organized people. I can definitely say that I can relate to basically all but one of these specific characteristics and really, they all have something to do with me waking up happy each day.

My  favorite points from that blog post state that organized people:

  • are goal-oriented
  • are optimistic
  • capture, calendar and contain
  • check in with their lists
  • possess a do-it-now attitude

Now I don’t know about you, but I have approximately 5 lists on the go at all times. They help me prioritize the tasks at hand and ensure their completion days before they are due. I also continuously capture and contain special moments and memories through writing in my one-sentence journal every night and taking/sharing pictures on my iPhone. This allows me to document and remember what truly makes me most happy in life.

I also have a very optimistic and do-it-now attitude. I know that everything happens for a reason and that if you have an opportunity to do something, take it IMMEDIATELY!! There is nothing worse than the regret of “I wonder what would have happened if…”

So now you can see that my happiness doesn’t stem from being really organized, it comes from the characteristics that organized people possess.


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