Hoppy Easter

Easter. What an absolutely wonderful holiday. This is a holiday where one truly can not feel alone, no matter how lonely we are. It’s a holiday that celebrates values, beliefs and most importantly, family.

This Easter weekend I was fortunate enough to have my parents come visit! They made the 30-hour drive to come see me – their baby who is all grown up and exploring the world! Now as much as I love traveling around and living in unique places, there’s nothing quite like a bear hug from my daddy and delicious snacks and helpful advice from my mom.

Spending the weekend with my parents has been absolutely amazing. I was able to show them around this quaint little town I now call home and introduce them to the things that are part of my daily life. Honestly, I don’t want them to leave! We explored a grocery store I frequent often and I don’t think I’ve ever seen them so excited about food before. I’m sure if we didn’t have so much else to do, we would have been in there for hours and probably bought everything in sight. Normally, I wouldn’t enjoy spending that much time in a grocery store just browsing, but I really didn’t mind it. We shopped til we dropped, did some walking, and enjoyed a sangria or two at a delicious restaurant.

My parents have been super great lately with giving my advice and were super sweet to come visit me when I really needed them. Although I’ve grown up and made plans to travel the world and explore new ideas and trends, I will always have their strong foundation that I can look back to and rely on when things get tough. After living far away from home for over 5 years now, I’ve come to realize that what I used to think was important – traveling, shopping, sporting events, etc. – really has almost no importance in my life. Sure those things make my life more fun and interesting, but without them, I could survive. Only one thing matters so much in life that without it, I could not go on in life – my family.



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