9 Accounts PR Professionals Should Follow on Twitter


Twitter is a huge social media platform that almost everyone uses on a daily basis. But not every uses it as the networking and learning tool it is. Instead of following your friends and tweeting your weekend’s most hilarious moments, use Twitter as a place to post about educational topics and follow those businesses you admire and industry leaders you look up to.

Over the three years that I’ve had a presence on social media, I’ve developed several lists of companies and professionals that I follow to stay up to date with world news, previous employers and colleagues and the public relations industry.

So here are ten accounts you should be following to receive the best and most accurate information regarding everything public relations professionals should know!

1. @prweb

PRWeb is the number one online news distribution service. They share tips and tactics for the public relations industry. Most of the information they provide their followers comes from Vocus and the Vocus blog, which offers professional advice on publicity, public relations, social media, case studies and marketing.

2. @PRDaily

PR Daily, created by Mark Ragan, is your one-stop shop for news on public relations, marketing, social media and more. The Twitter profile often includes links in their posts, which take viewers to Ragan’s PR Daily blog, which provides readers with helpful tips for success and daily public relations news, such as this post that discusses the world’s largest hashtag.

3. @MarkRaganCEO

Mark Ragan is the CEO of Ragan Communications, publisher of PR Daily, Ragan.com, and Ragan’s Health Care News. He is extremely influential in the public relations industry and provides professionals with all levels of experience tips to help them in their public relations careers. His website, also has a tab titled “Ragan Training” that gives professionals access the online webinars, videos and interactive courses for a one-time fee in a variety of areas, such as crisis communications, media relations, writing & editing, social media and much more. Following Ragan is like getting your own personal digest of top trends, best practices and industry-specific career advice.

4. @PRNews

PR News is the public relations professional’s resource for ideas, strategies and tools to maximize communications and social media efforts. Their tweets include links to their blog and website, providing their audience with photos, videos, news and current job openings.

5. @AP

As PR pros, we’re expected to have a pulse on what’s going on in the world, across industries, so we can identify trends and be well-rounded, knowledgeable professionals. Following The Associated Press on Twitter is one of the best places to start.

6. @mashable

News, resources, inspiration and fun for the connected generation. Not all of their posts are related to the public relations industry, but nevertheless, it is an interesting and helpful source for anyone practicing pr. 

7. @Mike_Stelzner and @smexaminer 

Mike Stelzner is the founder of the “Social Media Examiner”, which is a blog/website that posts daily about social media related topics. PR professionals whose work revolves heavily around social media should definitely follow these two accounts and subscribe to the RSS Feed at socialmediaexaminer.com


Now you don’t need to follow this account specifically, but make sure to follow your regional PRSA account. Each region seeks to advance the profession of public relations in their area by providing their audience with the tools, tips and events to succeed.

9. @Oreo

And finally, Oreo. You may ask why in the world would I follow Oreo on Twitter? Well Oreo’s presence on Twitter is awesome. They are the best in class when it comes to engagement and striking up a conversation with their audience. Their social media team regularly tweets back the their followers and uses creative messaging to capture their classic on-going marketing platform. So following Oreo will help you as a professional see just how awesome the public relations industry really is.

Who would you add to this list? Let me know by commenting below!


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