Wake Up & Be Awesome

During my senior year in high school, I fell in love. I fell in love with acrylic painting. It is now one of my favorite hobbies and I am constantly thinking of new pieces to create and hang in my gallery, otherwise known as my apartment.

Ever since I began painting, I’ve had a dream to create a collection and show it at an actual art gallery. But I have so many unique ideas and not enough time to create them all! Each time I begin creating a few pieces that go together, I think of another theme that I want to pursue! But I have finally found one to pursue. One that has meaning to it. One that I will enjoy creating and showing to the world (or just the daily visitors to my own apartment gallery).

Wake Up & Be…

This idea began with a picture I found on Pinterest. It said “Wake Up & Be Awesome.” I immediately knew that I wanted to create a painting with that quote, but wanted to make it different so it would stand out. So how do you make a painting with only five words stand out?


Luckily one of my neighbors had an old barn that he no longer used! With the help of my parents, I successfully tore all the wood boards off this barn, cut them into the desired sizes, and secured them together with two pieces of plywood on the back. And now I was ready to rumble. I think it took me all of 2, tops 3 hours, to complete this beautiful piece that inspires me every day when I wake up.

After about a year, I realized that this could be a great collection theme to pursue, especially since I have a shed full of wood! So now I have begun thinking of words that inspire me each day. There are certain words that I know I will use, such as “Happy, Creative, You, Thankful, and Curious,” but I am still in need of more. Thankfully this is an ongoing project that will definitely not be completed overnight, so I have some time to think!

Simply put, painting makes me happy. I enjoy actually doing the work and enjoy seeing the finished product on my wall even more.

What words inspire you everyday? Let me know by commenting below! I may even use them in my “Wake Up & Be…” collection!



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