A Sea of Blue

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Last night I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a Toronto Blue Jays game at Kaufmann Stadium, home of the Kansas City Royals. As president of my university’s PRSSA chapter, I had set the event up for our members to attend. Since it ended up being such a cold/rainy night, most decided not to attend. Their loss! Myself, two of my friends, Kristina and Devin, and two of my public relations professors made the drive up to Kansas City to enjoy some late night baseball.

Within seconds of parking, I met a girl wearing a Blue Jays hat and it turns out she was from Toronto! I was so excited to have made a Canadian friend! Of course my friends thought it was crazy stereotypical for two Canadians to meet and immediately be friendly towards each other. But whatever.

Once we got inside, we found our seats (which were actually really good!) and waited for the game to start. And of course, I get several weird looks and comments made because of my beautiful Blue Jays gear. And honestly my favorite part was before the game began. I got to proudly sing my national anthem as the Canadian flag was brought onto the field.

Even though it rained for the entire first inning and was probably only 45 degrees (Fahrenheit), I still had a great time. Although it would have been so much better if the Jays could have pulled out a win! 😦


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