Summer’s Almost Here!

Wow. This semester has literally flown by! It’s hard to believe that I only have one more week until summer begins! Although five… yes I said FIVE… finals stand in my way of what I hope will be an amazing summer, I feel like it’s already here.

What a semester it has been. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs, but honestly, I can’t really complain. Life has treated me pretty well these past four months. So where do I begin…


Last December, I was voted in as the new president for Robert L. Kendall PRSSA chapter at UCM. And my oh my has it been a blast. I brought in amazing speakers from the Sprint Center, Sporting KC and several other great organizations to provide our members with knowledge of many different fields in the public relations industry. We also took a group of ten students up to the city for an agency tour to discover what working in an agency is really like. And I mean, I scored a few extra bonuses along the way – Miley Cyrus concert tickets and tickets to see the Sporting KC vs. Toronto FC game! And as my post Sea of Blue described, some of our members and pr faculty attended the Royals vs. Blue Jays baseball game. Now was scheduling all of this hard work? Yes. But it was so worth it.

2. Work

Well let’s just say my work life turned out to be awesome this semester. I used to work in my school’s admissions office scheduling people’s visits to campus. Don’t get me wrong, it was a nice job, but man was it boring. My friend Sadie hooked me up with an amazing opportunity, working for UCM’s University Relations office (basically where they do all of the marketing and pr for the school). And I have been loving every minute of it since I got hired.

 3. School 

Even though I still had to take a few general classes this semester, my pr and marketing classes were absolutely great. My Social Media & PR class taught me about blogging and actually inspired me to start “Happiness and PR,” and for my final project, I got to create a social media plan for a fictitious company. Although my PR Case Studies class was a bit more frustrating (with all the group projects and my group members not doing their part), I still really enjoyed the teacher and learned a lot. My marketing class this semester was called Professional Sales and by the title, I thought I wouldn’t really enjoy it. And well, I didn’t, but I found out that I happen to be really good at sales. I participated in a sales competition and got second place! (And a $500 scholarship!)

Oh ya, and I got nominated for two pretty cool awards – “Learning to a Greater Degree” and “Outstanding Student Leadership” – so that’s pretty sweet! (they had really good food at the receptions :))

4. Family & Friends

My family means the entire world to me, and being able to talk to them whenever (via FaceTime) is awesome. My parents recently made the decision to move to the coast (British Columbia, Canada) and I wanted to fly up for the weekend to house hunt with them. But unfortunately, my schedule didn’t allow for it. So, they took hundreds of pictures and FaceTime’d me during the tours so I could give my input. It was actually really fun. And having them come down and visit me after they bought their lot and chose their house plan, was just absolutely amazing. My parents have been and continue to be my main support system in life and have been there for me through thick and thin. I would be nothing without them.

Although my really good friends are back home in Canada, I have regular Skype/FaceTime dates to keep in touch. They are each so important to me for their own special and unique reason and my life would not be the same without them. My UCM friends are pretty great as well. They’ve been a huge help lately getting my mind back on to happy thoughts, school and other fun things. I’m thankful for them all.

5. Internship

Well now thats a discussion I’ll leave for another post…

But all in all, it’s been a pretty awesome spring semester and I’m hoping my summer lives up to my expectations and is even better!


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