Social Media Case Study Mini Series: Part Three

Well it’s time for the last instalment of my social media mini blog series. So far we’ve discussed WestJet Airlines’ amazing “Christmas Miracle” campaign and three social media campaigns that ended in complete disaster. For my last post, I’m going to introduce not just a successful campaign, but a brand that has had nothing but success via its numerous social media plans. Can you guess what that brand is? Keep reading to find out!


Screen shot 2014-05-01 at 6.57.43 PM

Most people know Oreo as “milk’s favorite cookie,” a sandwich cookie with delicious creme filling in the middle. But Oreo is a lot more than just that. Oreo is a brand that keeps its consumers connected and attached. Oreo is what I call a super-brand – a path breaker whose actions will be used as case studies for others. They do everything under the sun for their fans, in the hopes that they will go even more crazy over those delicious, creme-filled cookies. Here are Oreo’s social media numbers:

  • Twitter: more than 331,000 followers
  • Facebook: more than 35 million likes
  • Instagram: more than 160,ooo followers
  • Pinterest: more than 5,000 followers (they should utilize this platform more I think)

The reason for why Oreo has such high numbers? It’s simple. They are original and creative. Their campaigns and posts are emotional, provoking, humorous, consistent and targeted towards audience engagement. To me, Oreo is the Social Media King. So here are a few examples of Oreo’s absolutely amazing social media campaigns and posts.

1. #oreosnackhacks

Oreo launched this one-of-a-kind campaign on Twitter and Facebook as a contest to find the most unique ways to use Oreo cookies in a snack. Thousands of contestants submitted videos of their 4-step “snack hack” ideas, until a winner was finally chosen – Oreo Freeze Pops. But what was really great about this campaign, was the consistency. Every single post they made looked the same, allowing the audience to automatically know if a post was part of this campaign. Here are a few examples:

2. Daily Twist

For Oreo’s 100th birthday, they created a campaign that celebrated 100 days of Oreo. Each day had its own individual topic and picture. The mission behind this creative campaign was to “help everyone around the world celebrate the kid inside” and it aimed to filter the world through the playful imagination of Oreo. And what became of this amazing campaign? Several awards…and I mean lots. Here are just a few of the 100 images created for this campaign. You will immediately notice the consistency and creativity.

And those were just two of Oreo’s latest and greatest social media campaigns. Of course they have others, such as the “You can still dunk in the dark” campaign during the 2013 Superbowl, which was probably more memorable than the football game itself! So I suggest you follow this great brand on all of its social media platforms. You’ll be glad you did.


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