Start Anew

Well, it’s finally here. SUMMER.

I’ve had my internship orientation, figured out my work and class schedule and now its time to relax before it really begins. In order to give my mind and body a break, I decided to take this past week off to read, relax and lay by my pool (to try to lose my paleness). Little did I know that Mother Nature hated me this week and made it less than 60 degrees everyday with rain. 😦 So, a new plan was in order.

Day 1: Monday

Because I am incapable of sleeping in, I woke up at 8. Within 5 minutes I was so depressed with the horrible weather that I decided to go into work for a few hours. After I got off at noon, I met up with my friend Kristina at one of my favorite restaurants in Warrensburg, Café Blackadder, for lunch. It was quite refreshing just being able to hang out with no time limit because of class and it was really good catching up with her. Once I got home around 2, the boredom struck again. So I gave my laptop a workout and caught up with my TV shows that I missed during finals week.

Day 2: Tuesday

Let’s see. Well this morning was really quite boring again, but thankfully one of my friends called asking to hang out. Be gone boredom! After a drive around town and a hike through Cave Hollow Park, we went over to his buddy’s house to watch some NHL playoffs (Chicago vs. Minnesota). I had only met these people once before, but I got along with them really well. I mean, how could I not get along with hockey loving people?

Day 3: Wednesday

Since the playoffs was such a good idea last night, I got together with the same group of friends at Traditions to watch the Montreal vs. Boston game. Now normally I would absolutely never, and I mean never, cheer for the Habs, but when I’m in a room full of Americans, it’s a different story. So I happily cheered on Montreal, while having a delicious Summer Shandy, as they destroyed Boston and moved one step closer to the Stanley Cup.

Day 4: Thursday:

And again, I was up at the crack of dawn…7:38 a.m. to be exact. Honestly, how am I supposed to fill my days and escape boredom when I wake up so early in the morning? Thought about going in to work, but thought, “No. This is my week off and I am going to make the most of it!” And within a few hours, my friend Nick had called asking me to hang out. So from 11:00 a.m. to about 6 p.m. we sat inside watching TV, talking and drinking sangrias. Turned out to be not too shabby of an afternoon. When I got home, I shoved some food in my face because I was starving and decided to take a nap, since I had woke up so darn early. Well, I woke up at 10 p.m.

Day 5: Friday

8:09 a.m. Wooo! That’s a solid sleep-in day compared to yesterday! For some reason, I woke up in beast mode and decided to be extra productive by cleaning and rearranging my entire apartment. I guess since I missed spring cleaning, I had summer cleaning today. But in all honesty, my place looks awesome. Its spick and span and I like the new layout a lot better. And after that, I filled my fridge and cabinets with food from the store. Which is great, because they were getting pretty bare.

Although this week didn’t go as planned (at all!), I ended up having a really good week off. Whether I spent the days by myself or with friends, I went with the flow and made each day the best it could be. Meeting new people, reconnecting with friends I haven’t seen for a while and making my apartment look brand new have allowed me to start over this summer…create new beginnings. Now I’m ready for anything this summer hands me and can’t wait for it to officially begin next week!


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