Just Do It

Since I have much more time on my hands during the summer, I decided to start working out and eating healthy again. I can honestly say these first couple of days have been doozies, as my body isn’t quite used to it yet. But all the more reason to keep going, so my legs won’t feel like jello every time I do a lunge or a squat.

Now obviously it’s somewhat difficult to just jump right into a workout and diet plan without some help or research first, so I’ve been following the blog/website Greatist lately, which gives amazing tips on both health and fitness. Their posts range from simple meal and snack plans, to different types of exercises you should include in your workouts to tips for relieving stress and getting a good nights sleep. It’s really just a great place to get inspiration and motivation to start exercising and living a healthy lifestyle. I definitely recommend checking it out.

And if you’re like me (picking up from where I left off in March), push through the pain. Stopping will only make it worse. And if you need a little motivation, read some of the posts on Greatist. They’re definitely worth it!

Screen shot 2014-05-18 at 10.38.19 PM


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