10 Things to Love and Hate About Being in Your 20s

Ever since we were young, we’ve been instilled with the idea that our 20s will be the best years of our lives. But has 30 become the new 20? Are our 20s the carefree and exciting years we will remember forever, or are they some of the hardest times of our lives that we will want to forget?

So here’s a list of 10 reasons to love and hate our 20s.

10. We want to travel, but can’t afford it

I don’t know about anyone else, but I grew up with a family who loved to travel and explore the world. Now this was absolutely awesome when I was still under my parents roof, but now, it’s somewhat of a curse. I LOVE experiences, especially traveling. I have an extensive list of places to visit, but absolutely no capital to get me there. And the worst part of it, is that my parents come visit and bring pictures and tell stories of all the beautiful places they’ve visited. Now I know that someday I’ll be able to afford traveling, but that’ll be when I’m old and boring and I want to do it now, before I actually have to settle down and start my big-kid life.

9. We are super creative

For some reason, creativity spikes for people during their 20s. We have all of these great ideas for things to do (instead of working and studying) and the older generations envy us for it. We have the ability to make something out of nothing. And when we actually take the time to do our work, we’ll surprise you.

8. The dating pool just isn’t that great

Especially during our early 20s, people just aren’t looking for an actual relationship. So if you’re looking for one, don’t even bother. Just save these years and do you. Have some fun with your friends – go bowling, play mini golf, attend a concert or two. These extra years will give you time to mature and figure out what you really need in a relationship, so when it’s time to start looking, it’ll be a breeze.

7. We got thousands of opportunities basically handed to us

Do you remember your freshman year in college when you told yourself you’d become involved in everything possible? Well most people don’t, but I sure do. I know a good opportunity when I see one and I made sure to take full advantage of everything my school, professors and colleagues had to offer. Our 20s are meant to be a time for learning and making mistakes, so take every opportunity presented to you. You’ll be glad you did.

6. We slowly begin to feel old

I am surrounded everyday by young college students, who are barely 19, with their entire lives ahead of them. And honestly, they make me feel extremely old. I graduate in less than seven months and will need to secure some sort of big-kid job, which will then only make me feel even older. Our 20s only lead in one direction, to our 30s. And when you’re a 20-something, you never want to turn 30.

5. It’s a decade of changes

During our 20s, we tend to be more inclined to try new things. This is the time where we experiment with new types of foods, hairstyles, clothes, make-up etc. We figure out our tastes and make the necessary changes.

4. It becomes more difficult to make friends

In elementary school, making friends was the simplest task in the world. You both like a certain brand of potato chips or cartoon character and instantly you’re best friends. In your 20s, creating relationships is a lot more strategic. Having one or two similar interests will no longer cut it. We tend to become friends with people who can help us out in the future or people we truly enjoy spending time with.

3. We are in charge!

After graduation, moving out and being on our own became the only thing on our minds. During our 20s, we are in charge. Sure, there isn’t that much to actually be in charge of yet, but it still gives us that sense of pride that we need to move on with our lives.

2. Metabolism becomes something we actually care about

Up til now, metabolism was never something we had to worry about. Mom packed our lunch and cooked our dinners to make sure we were putting healthy nutrients into our bodies and our extracurricular activities and sports kept our bodies in shape. But now, we’re in charge of all that. And finding the time to cook healthy meals, study, work and spend time at the gym is not an easy task. I forgot to mention that we also need time to sleep. Suddenly, we have to take care of our bodies on our own.

1. This is when we discover our purpose in life

Everybody has a purpose in life – one thing that we were each born to do – and obviously we aren’t born knowing what that purpose is. Our 20s is that perfect time for us to try out different things, such as university classes, internships and jobs, until we figure it out. Although there are aspects of our 20s that we may not like, our 20s are our years of self-discovery that help sculpt us into successful people we are.

What are the things you like and dislike most about being in your 20s? Let me know by commenting below!


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