Kickin’ It

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Honestly, since I’ve moved to Missouri, I’ve been to more professional sporting events than I’ve been to in my entire life and I absolutely love it!

Back in April, I brought in the communications manager for Sporting KC, the professional soccer team in Kansas City for one of my PRSSA meetings. He gave a great presentation and got lots of our members excited in the sports public relations industry. But, the best part about it was, he offered me two free tickets to attend a game when Toronto FC was in town! Having played soccer my entire life and being from Canada, I couldn’t say no! So last night, my friend Kristina and I were lucky enough to see our very first MLS game!

Amazingly, we found Sporting Park very easily, without making any wrong turns or anything! And what was even better, is that it’s right beside both Kansas City Speedway and the Legends shopping center. Since there’s so much going on in the area, we had to park in the speedway parking lots and walk what seemed like 5 miles to get to Sporting Park. Now walking to the park didn’t seem that long because we detoured to Five Guys Burgers and Fries to grab some dinner before going to the game. And let me tell you… that was an absolutely great decision!

So once we got into the park, we got to our seats, which were amazing! Goal line and row 15. The players were so close to us and we could see every bit of the action perfectly. And not to mention see how good looking all of the players were!

The game was really fast-paced and very interesting to watch. The first half ended tied at zero, but I noticed that the foul count was twice as high for Toronto FC as it was for Sporting KC. Obviously these Canadians weren’t raised to be nice! Within the first ten minutes of the second half, one of Toronto’s players received a red card, so the poor team had to play a man down the remainder of the game.

It was actually quite interesting just to experience an MLS game!  Each time Sporting KC scored, they dropped a blue and white confetti bomb over our section and the bleacher section. And the bleacher section was another story all together. Throughout the entire game, there was a small band and three “chanters” that led the section in chants. Honestly, Kristina and I tried so hard to figure out what they were saying, but it just sounded like drunken nonsense. And each time Toronto scored, the entire stadium went silent, which was mine and Kristina’s cue to cheer! And luckily, we scored two shorthanded goals and tied the game at 2.

Bottom line. The game was ridiculously fun and I will definitely be attending another MLS game very soon!



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