The World is at our Fingertips!

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As I have said in so many of my past posts, I LOVE TRAVELING!! It’s a huge passion of mine and I absolutely hate that I’ve been cooped up in Missouri for so long finishing up my degree. I can say that I have been more fortunate than others, having already traveled to beautiful places, such as Italy, Alaska and San Francisco, but I have a huge travel list, and I’m ready to start checking off some destinations!

I’m one of those people that loves doing research so that I can tell my parents why a particular destination would be a good and affordable place to visit. And I think they are getting tired of listening to me pitch trip ideas every time we talk on the phone. But what can I say? This girl needs a vacation! So in hopes that they may read this, here is my top 10 list of places I want (actually need) to visit.

10. Egypt

I am an architecture fanatic and I need to see those pyramids (and the treasures inside)! I’m not sure what else this country has to offer, but I’m sure I could find something else exciting to do there.

9. Thailand and Vietnam

These two countries are very close together and could easily be worked into a nice 2-week vacation. I love learning about and experiencing different cultures and what can I say, Thai food is absolutely amazing! Also, these are very affordable countries to travel to and they’re all so colorful, with amazing national parks. So how can you go wrong visiting Southeast Asia?

8. Las Vegas and Los Angeles

I’m all about pairing places for vacations, so that I can maximize the amount of things I see in the time I have to travel. Although I’ve already been to Los Angeles, I was only there for one day and didn’t get to see Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, or really anything, so I need to go back for sure. And everyone has to visit Vegas sometime in their life, but no one wants to really spend more than 4 days there. So pairing these two destinations together would make for a great 10 day trip.

7. Hawaii

Let’s face it, I’m not really a lay on the beach kind of gal, but I don’t think a week in Hawaii could really be that bad. It’s probably the only warm beachy place that I will ever visit, but everyone says its amazing, so why not give it a try. And I hear the pineapple there is absolutely delicious!

6. The Maritimes (Canadian East Coast Provinces)

Now these places have been on my bucket list forever. Even though I’m from Canada, I really haven’t done too much traveling in the beautiful country. Canada’s east coast is absolutely stunning during all seasons and I know I’ll be boarding a plane there soon, either for work or play.

5. New York

This is the last of my North American locations on this list. Now unlike all other vacations that I’d like to take, I really want to visit New York during the winter. Even though it will be extremely cold, I have always dreamt of seeing the beautiful tree in Rockefeller Center and the ball drop on New Year’s Eve. And I really think Times Square would look stunning during the winter as well. Although I’d love to spend an eternity in this city, I think a week would be great, so I don’t break my bank.

4. Iceland

Now don’t think I’m weird, Iceland is actually an exceptionally beautiful country, in the summer. It has gorgeous frozen volcanoes, fishing ports and coastlines and although it costs about $7,000 for round-trip airfare, I know I’ll get there someday. Even if I’m 90.

3. China and Japan

These countries aren’t really that close together, but with about a 3 week time period, I could see the sites I need to see with time to spare. Seeing the Great Wall of China, the Terra Cotta Soldiers and experiencing the beautiful architecture and cuisine of China is an absolute dream and exploring the downtown of Tokyo would be even better. So maybe it’s time to start learning my Mandarin and Japanese!

2. Australia and New Zealand

My parents were so nice to leave me out of their Australian adventure, so I have yet to see this beautiful country. Although they spent an entire two months exploring every inch of the country, I would rather spend 3 weeks seeing the most important places and then spend the last week in New Zealand. You can’t fly all that way and not venture to its neighboring country while you’re there!

And my number 1 place to travel (which I am actually be planning to visit pretty soon) is:

1. Germany and Denmark

I can’t remember the first time I wanted to visit Germany, but it was definitely a long time ago. The architecture is amazing, along with their food and beer. And I’ve always wanted to drive on the Autobahn! Neuschwanstein castle and the Rhine River are calling my name and I don’t want to let them down. And Denmark is just right there, so I might as well explore it as well. This is another one of those perfect 3 week vacations – 2 weeks in Germany and 1 in Denmark.

So either I’m going to be in a lot of debt after about a year or two of traveling, or I’m going to have to work my ass of and never take a sick day, so I can take about a 2/3 week trip every year. Maybe I’ll just live in a box and eat KD every night. But whichever path I choose to take, I will check all these and many more destinations off my list because traveling makes me happy. And guess what? I enjoy being happy!

Let me know what your top 10 places to travel are and if you’d enjoy going to any of the places on my list!


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