New Shoes = New Perspective

Internships; they change people. They make them realize how close they are to the real world; how close they are to that first big kid job. And what comes along with that first big kid job? A brand new sophisticated and stylish wardrobe. The grey pencil skirt suit you’ve always wanted, well now its yours, but no matter how gorgeous it is, you still need something else to complete your new look. A new blouse? A purse? New jewellery? Nope. You need a new pair of shoes.

To me, a new pair of shoes is much more than a new pair of shoes. Somehow, a new pair of shoes gives me a new perspective on life. When I slip on a new pair of heels, I instantly imagine the person I will be in those shoes – a successful working woman with the perfect balance between my personal and professional lives. When wearing my favorite heels, I immediately feel more important than I am. Like I have everything together. So if a new pair of shoes can do that, why not by ten?

And the great thing about shoes? They will always fit. If you lose that last 10 pounds, your favorite pair of jeans may no longer fit, but shoes, they’ll always fit. And they have the ability to make any boring outfit absolutely gorgeous. Wearing a simple black dress to a cocktail party? Pair them with a colored or patterned heel for an instant pop. Or choose a sandal wedge to amplify your weekend T-shirt and short outfit. Shoes really are magic.

So if you just landed a new job, have an important party or meeting to attend or just simply need a new perspective on life, go buy a new pair of shoes. I did.


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