Inspiration Point… Next Stop You


Inspiration: the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

In my very first blog post I stated that happiness has no parameters to limit what it is or how it makes people feel; happiness is simply what every person wants it to be. Inspiration works this way too. There is no definition for what inspires people; inspiration is unique for each individual. And usually the things that inspire people have some direct effect on their happiness.

I believe that one can never have too many inspirations in life. If inspirations make me happy, help me find new ways to express myself and continuously push me to become better, then why should I limit them to a specific number?

During my lifetime, I’ve had a vast array of inspirations; people, places, works of art or literature, music, etc. Travel has always inspired me. Experiencing things like new cultures, languages, and architecture inspires me in more ways than one. I really enjoy cooking, so tasting the food of different cultures inspires me in the kitchen. It makes me think more out of the box when I’m cooking and gives me the courage to try new recipes. And honestly, I almost always love the outcome. Travel has also inspired me to begin learning a new language. Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to visit Germany, I mean really visit Germany. I want to vacation around the entire country and be able to fluently speak Deutsch while I’m there, so I can experience the country the way it should be experienced.

Music is another inspiration of mine. When I was three, my parents put me in piano and voice lessons and I believe that was one of the best decisions they could have ever made for me. Music allows you to see and experience life in an entirely different matter. It gives you a way to express your emotions and feelings in a way never before imagined. Sometimes a simple song will do everything and more that words could do. Music has inspired me to think creatively with my life; to find different ways of doing things. Without music, I honestly believe I would be a boring in-the-box kind of gal instead of the creative, energetic and outgoing out-of-the-box girl I am.

I find that sometimes random and odd things tend to inspire me. I’m an artist, so I constantly look for new inspiration. It could be the smallest thing, such as a color, shape, animal or piece of wood that makes my brain instantly begin to work. Sometimes when we least expect it, our biggest inspiration can reveal itself.

Although I can find inspiration in numerous different things, my family has always been the number one inspiration for my life. My mother is a kind-hearted soul who constantly thinks of everyone but herself. She would drop anything in a heartbeat if it was to help me. My dad is strong, in so many more ways than one. He stands up for himself and his family and has built a wonderful life for himself and his family from the ground up. My grandparents are wise and completely hysterical at times. They’ve shown me what to and not to do in every situation life throws at you. Because of my mother, I try to live a more selfless and loving life, giving to and thinking of others more than myself. The strength from father has helped me become the strong-willed woman I am today, never letting unimportant words from unimportant people bother me. And the humor and intelligence from my grandparents has made me see the best in even the worst situations. These people have truly shaped the person I have become and I am so glad they have inspired me along the way.

Inspiration. That thing that makes us want to do or feel something. I’m inspired by many things. Heck, the word inspiration inspired me to write this blog post. So tell me, what are your biggest inspirations in life?


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