World Cup Fever

Let’s be honest, nobody watches soccer unless it’s World Cup season. And although I used to watch games on TV all the time (my team got together to watch and analyze them), I am now finding myself stuck in the same rut as everyone else – there is always something more interesting on to watch than soccer. But every 4 years, I jump for joy with the arrival of the World Cup and a chance to watch some extremely fast-paced and interesting soccer. It also helps that I cheer for Germany – a team that FIFA ranks #2 in the world and usually finishes within the Top 5.



This year, the World Cup has found its home in Brazil. Some would say this is a good location, but those are the ones who don’t have to play on a pitch that is waterlogged because of flooding. But if we put those issues aside, Brazil is actually a decent location. The country loves soccer and it’s a cool place to explore (for all those die-hard fans that traveled across the world to cheer on their country). Now obviously, if Canada ever made it into the World Cup, you can bet your bottom dollar I would be on my way to watch them play, wherever that may be.

Now so far, the games have been good, with the exception of some being absolutely outstanding, such as Germany’s 4-0 victory over Portugal (yay!) and Spain’s 1-5 loss against the Netherlands (keep in mind Spain is ranked #1). So in order to see the best soccer being played, you have to watch every game, not just the ones you’re interested in. Otherwise, you’re not a true “World Cupper.”

So pick a team, grab some friends, cheer the loudest and enjoy watching everything the World Cup has to offer. Go Germany!




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