In the End, All We Have Are Our Memories

As soon as I got home from New York two weekends ago, I emptied my suitcase and began packing for my trip home to Canada. I can say that so far, July has been a month of traveling and I couldn’t be happier with it. Although this trip home is much more special than any other trip I’ve ever made because it just may be the last. My family has decided to move to the west coast, so it’s bye-bye beautiful flat Saskatchewan farmland and hello to the warm coastline of beautiful British Columbia.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m quite excited they’ve decided to move, but leaving the home I grew up in, well that’s not so exciting. I’ve begun packing up my bedroom, sorting it into “Keep” and “Don’t Keep” piles, while reminiscing with my parents about the stories and memories associated with each material item. From toy John Deere tractors and Hot Wheels to my Easy-Bake Oven, each item is laced with memories upon memories that I never want to forget. But hoarding my old toys and keepsakes won’t keep those memories alive.

Life happens and memories are made from the people we share our moments with, not the material items we used in those moments. And in the end, it’s not our toys and keepsakes that will make us happy, it’s our memories.


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