Opportunities Arise When You Least Expect It


I was sitting on my couch, relaxing and watching some TV, when my phone made its doorbell sound, indicating that I had received a new email. Not expecting anything but another advertisement from Apple, I left it alone and continued watching my television program. But after I turned off the lights and decided to go to bed, I took a peek at that email and realized it wasn’t just another ad from Apple, it was actually an internship opportunity! Now back in January, I had applied for a million and one internships, hoping to get one (and I did!). I thought that since these companies had not contacted me, they simply weren’t interested. But that wasn’t the case! This lady had kept my resume on file and sent me an email when she had an open internship position available!

So there went my whole philosophy of “don’t send out a resume unless you qualify for the job.” It turns out that if they like you on paper, they will probably keep you around for a while, just incase they have any other positions become available.

Now, this is my last semester at UCM and I had no intentions of holding an internship this fall. I wanted to ensure that my final semester was a success both academically and organization wise (I’m the president of UCM’s chapter of PRSSA) and I didn’t want anything getting in the way of it. But when I received this internship opportunity via email, I immediately said, give it a chance and just take a look at the company. Turns out, I really loved the company and their mission, so it seemed like a match made in heaven. And needless to say, I went in for an interview and came out two hours later as their new Fall Intern.

So don’t ever turn down an opportunity because you don’t think your schedule can handle. Challenge your limits, go that extra mile, work like you never have before – do whatever you have to do so that you NEVER MISS AN OPPORTUNITY.

Have you ever had an opportunity find you? I’d love to hear about it!


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