How to Bring Creativity to the Workplace

Creativity. Merriam-Webster defines it as the ability to make new things or think of new ideas. But to me, creativity has no specific definition. Creativity is seen and expressed differently by people across the globe and offers a way for many to come together and collaborate.

Creativity is everywhere.

Creativity is the backbone of every company and the power behind that creativity is the employees. So what happens when the employees feel uninspired and that creativity starts to disappear?

Research shows that just like every other skill, creativity can be learned. The problem – although everyone has the potential, not all take the time and effort to transform that potential into a strength. You may not be able to force yourself to be creative on demand, but you can try your hardest to make creativity flow naturally between you and your colleagues. Use the following tips to spark creativity in the workplace.

Always have writing tools handy

Creativity can spark at any moment and if you don’t have anywhere to jot down your ideas, more than likely, you’ll lose that creative thought. Seeing as visual work is vital to the creative process, try to use a sketchbook, rather than a ruled notebook. It will allow you the room to physically sketch out your ideas.  Also, have a variety of writing utensils at hand – be it colored pencils, sharpies, pencils, etc. – and don’t be afraid to use them.

Take brainstorming to the next level

You want creativity? Well then, host your brainstorming sessions in an area that allows creativity to flourish. Skip the office conference room and take your team to a local park or café. Team bonding will come more naturally in a casual environment, making your team more comfortable with presenting new ideas.

Elevate your office

How can you possibly expect your employees to think creatively when your office has looked the same for the past ten years? Take an office-wide day off and revamp your work environment. Add some couches and pillows, colorful walls, inspirational artwork, a trophy case of company awards and most importantly, a “creativity space.” Give your employees an area to collaborate outside of their individual offices. They’ll thank you by presenting their most creative ideas yet.

Give employees the tools they need

In order to be creative, employees require some tools and techniques. Make sure your office is equipped with all the computers, software, books, writing utensils, notepads and any other item your staff may need. And train them on all programs utilized during the work day. If you take the time to provide them with these creativity essentials, they’ll take the time to provide you with some great ideas.

Recognize, reward and celebrate

Great ideas are few and far between, so when an employee create something outstanding, make sure to recognize their efforts and reward them as well. If you land a huge account, take the afternoon off to celebrate. Touches like these will make your employees eager to create the next Big Idea.


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