A Fall Spectacular

Every year, we are faced with the same decision – “What am I going to do this summer?” We make a list of the activities we want to do, the tasks we need to complete and the travel plans we hope to carry out over the course of three months. But, personally, I know that I don’t have any time during the summer, so I put more effort into my Fall Spectacular – the list I compile of things to do during my favorite season, Autumn. And in all honesty, the weather in Autumn permits for a lot more fun than the 100 degree days of July.

Autumn is the best season for fashion. Layering, sweaters, plaid, button-ups, scarves, boots, leggings and vests let you create fun, unique outfits, just by pairing them together. It’s also the best season for sports. Football (yes both CFL and NFL) are underway, NHL begins in early October, NASCAR is still going strong and you can attend an MLS game well into November. And need I talk about the holidays? Thanksgiving and Halloween – two holidays that revolve around food. I  mean how much better can it get?

So why not take this already amazing season and make it even better taking part in all the activities that are associated with it? Create your own Fall Spectacular list. And if you need some help with ideas, well you’re in luck because here are my favorite autumnal activities. (grouped together into 5 awesome categories!)

The Great Outdoors

If you haven’t noticed before, the colors of Autumn are absolutely gorgeous, so why not venture outside and enjoy them? These activities are low cost and require as much energy as you want to put into them. So have fun with them!

  • Go apple picking
  • Get lost in a corn maze (I still haven’t checked this one off!)
  • Take a hike (or bike ride) through a park or trail
  • Tailgate at a football game (now this is a must!)
  • Rake up a pile of leaves and be a kid again (you know what to do!)

Food and Drink

Now, with two holidays revolving around food, the opportunities for food and drink options are endless. These options can be do-it-yourself or you can dine out at your favorite restaurant.

  • Remember those apples you picked? How about making some delicious caramel apples with them? (Click here for some awesome recipes)
  • Eat/drink anything pumpkin related
  • Bake an apple pie (if you have leftover apples!)
  • Visit a local farmers market and buy some fresh veggies
  • Make a batch of grandma’s delicious chili (you may have to bribe her for the secret ingredient)

Holiday Related

Aside from the food, Thanksgiving and Halloween actually offer a lot of fun activities. Even though you’re no longer a kid, participate in these fun, adult friendly, holiday activities!

  • Grab a group of friends and go to a haunted house
  • We may not be in Germany, but we can celebrate their holidays! Get some beer and bratwurst (and a German friend if possible) and celebrate Oktoberfest!
  • Host a Thanksgiving potluck dinner
  • Carve a pumpkin
  • Pull out that VHS of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and watch it for the 100th time (or just re-watch your favorite scary movie)

Just Because

Autumn is beautiful. Take the time to enjoy it with these simple actions.

  • Breath in the crisp, cool air as you walk
  • Tour a local winery
  • Listen to the leaves crunch under your feet
  • Collect pinecones and display them in a jar (use them as the centerpiece for your dinner table)
  • Build a bonfire and make s’mores


Feel like doing something nostalgic this fall? Try out these awesome activities.

  • Buy something from a bake sale
  • Buy/find a sketchbook and spend an afternoon sketching the autumn scenery
  • Go on a picnic (make sure to include the infamous PB&J!)
  • Visit the local library or used book store and shop for antique novels
  • Make rice krispie treats

What are your favorite fall activities? And what else would you add to this list? Let me know by commenting below!


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