Well, it’s finally here. My last semester of college. And for some reason, I thought it was going to be easier than the rest. But let’s be realistic, IT’S NOT. Although I may be just as busy with work, homework and planning events for my student organization as I have been in the past, I’ve found time to realize one thing I haven’t before – how great it is to be a Mule.

I transferred to UCM in Spring 2012 thinking I’d come here for three years, get my degree and go home. Boy was I wrong. I’ve taken every moment for granted at this wonderful place and now that I know my time is coming to an end, I’m doing everything in my power to cherish my last moments as a Mule. (I’ve even created a UCM bucket list, which I am actually making some progress on!)

From now until December, I am looking at my experience at UCM through a completely new lens. I never realized how much of a family I actually have here. My public relations faculty have been like a second family to me (my American family) and I honestly don’t even want to think about leaving them. This school and everyone in is completely wonderful and even though I’m ridiculously excited to graduate, I really don’t want to leave. But on a happier note, UCM has helped shape me into the person I am today and for that reason, I will proudly forever be a Mule.

UCM Bucket List


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